Fred’s Benches

Fred’s Benches is a CFNA initiative that will introduce a series of 11 benches to the neighbourhood in July 2018. The benches are designed to make our community more walkable and to provide open spaces for neighbours to congregate and talk. This project is funded by the Placemaking Grant through the City of Kitchener

Where will they go and for how long?
Benches will be placed on front lawns on private residential properties and will be maintained for a period of one year (until July 2019), at which time the bench would become the property of the home owner, with the hopes that they might continue to maintain and keep it available and accessible to the public.

Animation Event: On July 28, 2018, the CFNA will host an series of animation events at each bench. It’s our way to make sure the community knows about the benches and to celebrate the initiative. Stay tuned for more details.

Interested in Hosting a Bench?
If you are interested in hosting a bench please read through and fill out the form below. There are guidelines and expectations from the City of Kitchener (our funder) (mostly around placement of the benches) that we do need to follow so some questions will help us to understand if your property will be a fit.

Host A Bench. Fill Out This Form

Choosing Locations:
Locations fitting to the needs of this project will be chosen based on their location in the neighbourhood (we are looking to spread these out across our urban space) and then on a first come, first serve basis.

Any Further Questions?
Please feel free to contact with any follow up questions.