Winter Window Walk 2022

The Winter Window Walk is an event where neighbours are invited to decorate their windows and reveal them as the month of December progresses. Inspired by a Guelph neighbourhood initiative, the Window Walk is a creative way to bring light and joy into our community as the days get shorter and the weather gets colder.

If you are interested in creating a window display, sign up through this form. ​

How it Works

Any interested Central Frederick resident (or business) can sign up for a day in December in which they will reveal their window. The reveal date will be posted in the window, and on the date, the decorations will be unveiled. This map will be updated as the windows are revealed!

Participants are invited to keep windows decorated until the final day of the countdown. As the month progresses, more windows will pop up for the community to see and enjoy. 

If you are interested in creating a window display, sign up through this form. ​We will add you to our map that will show the community what windows to go and see.

Even if you don’t create a display, please feel free to walk around and enjoy the beautiful decorations! We encourage you to bring some tea, coffee, or hot cocoa in a thermos to help you stay cozy as you take in the fresh air and explore the windows.

A note on window design

Please note that this community event is intended to be open and inclusive to all. Windows can be a celebration of anything you choose. You may wish to share messages of gratitude, hope, and peace. We encourage you to get the whole family involved! Perhaps consider reaching out to coordinate with neighbours and plan a street theme. The limits are endless, and we encourage you all to get involved in whatever way you choose.

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