Events & Programs

Central Frederick is home to some awesome community events and programming. Yearly events are those that happen once a year that is either under the umbrella of or is celebrated by the CFNA. We also do some programming including our Skillshare Pop-up program, Communi-kicks and ongoing programming at the downtown community centre, and on top of all that, we plan one-off events to get neighbours connected and engaged.

Click on the event or program to learn more and check back often to see what we have planned.

Yearly Events

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CFNA Programming

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Upcoming Events/ Opportunities



If you are a CFNA resident ( including either side of Krug, Lancaster and Edna)  you are eligible to enter to win a free little library. To enter, post on our Facebook page or email us, your name, closest cross streets and a picture of where you would put the little library. Our email is The contest ends July 25th with the announcement of the winner happening by August 1st.

Check back here to see what is happening in the neighbourhood and stay tuned to our social media for the most up to date information.