Central Frederick Neighbourhood Association

The Central Frederick Neighbourhood Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the quality of life for the residents of CFNA through the following objectives:

  • To provide information and opportunities on community, social and political levels
  • To develop closer relations among residents within the Central Frederick community
  • To provide an open forum for members to voice opinions on neighbourhood concerns in a supportive and impartial manner

We are a part of the Downtown Neighbourhood Alliance and affiliated with the Downtown Community Centre (DCC).

front yard garden tours 2020

Welcome to FYGT 2020
Please respect each other and maintain physical distancing throughout tour. Masks at the discretion of your comfort level.
OBTN and CFNA have partnered to offer a front garden tour in 2 adjacent neighbourhoods.
Grab your running shoes, water bottle, cameras, notepads, sketchpads and possibly, bicycles to see as many of the diverse gardens as possible. A feast for the eyes and a chance to meet some of the gardeners. Learn something new about gardening: rain gardens, pollinator gardens, pond, boulevard etc. Come see what can survive a extremely hot and very dry summer. (There is a different beauty in fall gardens with both flowers and interesting seed heads.)
Click link below for our detailed map of the tour gardens and information.
Please follow social distancing throughout the tour.

 upcoming CFNA meeting


Downtown Community Centre

35 Weber St W, Kitchener, ON N2H 3Z1

6:30 PM

Everyone is welcome, please email the CFNA here if you are interested in attending.