20th Annual Frederick Art Walk

On October 16 and 17, from 10 am to 5 pm, the 20th Frederick Art Walk will once again be offering an amazing array of hand-crafted works for sale—including jewelry, pottery, fabric art, textile crafts, paintings, visual arts, photography, stained glass, fused glass, and woodworking.

The Frederick Art Walk is a 3 km walking tour through the Central Frederick Neighbourhood in Kitchener. Each year local artists come together and offer their art for sale as a community. Normally, the artists would be inviting everyone into their homes, but this year we’ve switched to an open-air format, so we can all enjoy the art, and the neighborhood, safely. This year, there are 19 homes and 50 artists on the Frederick Art Walk.  And as a bonus, with our outdoor setup, more than half the venues are wheelchair accessible!

Find our house map and other details at www.frederickartwalk.org.

Every year, the Frederick Art Walk supports a local charity. This year, we’ll be collecting donations for Healing of the Seven Generations (H7G). Located in the heart of the Central Frederick Neighbourhood at 300 Frederick Street, they offer support for Canada’s First Peoples by providing food, clothing, programs for youth and seniors, counselling and many forms of cultural programming. Learn more at https://healingofthesevengenerations.ca/.

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