Earth Day Cleanup

Celebrate Earth Day with a neighbourhood clean-up!

Beginning Sunday (April 18), the “little libraries” throughout our neighbourhood will be stocked with free Earth Day kits, while supplies list. The kits have outdoor clean-up supplies and some safety tips for how to clean outside while staying safe! Pick up your kit and head out anytime to clean up garbage from parks, green spaces, and boulevards throughout our neighbourhood leading up to Earth Day (Thursday, April 22)! 

It’s a great idea to bring along a separate bag or container to collect any recyclable materials along the way, so you can add them to your recycling bin to avoid extra garbage going to the landfill. 

Please respect COVID-19 public health guidelines and avoid large groups while participating in the clean-up. Follow the safety tips and don’t pick-up anything that may be sharp or dangerous. To report a litter issue, please call the Region of Waterloo’s 24-hour Customer Service Call Centre at 519-575-4400.

Note: Garbage bags of collected litter placed out for curbside garbage collection count as part of the household’s garbage limit

Winter Window Walk 2020

In the winter months, when days are shorter and the weather is colder, why not find a reason to bring some joy into our lives. The Winter Window walk is inspired by a Guelph neighbourhood initiative in which neighbours are invited to decorate their windows in the month of December to mark a countdown of days in December. Think of it like a community-wide advent calendar.

We felt that 2020 was a good year to start a new tradition in our community as this year has been marked with such change, sadness and disappointment. We hope this initiative brings so much joy and gets you out of your homes for some good exercise and fresh air. We encourage you to bring some tea, coffee, hot cocoa in a thermos or whatever helps you feel extra cozy as you walk through the neighbourhood and explore the windows.

Here is the link to the calendar!

How it Works

Any interested resident of CFNA (or business) can sign up for a day in December in which they will reveal their window.

You will post this number in your window and then keep your window decorated until the final day of the countdown. This way we just keep adding more windows every day to go see and enjoy!

If you are interested, send an email to ​​ . Please include your address and any preference for a week in December you would want to sign up for. We will confirm your day with you as quickly as we can and then add you to our map and advent website that will show the community what windows to go and see. We will first hope to fill each day in December if possible and then begin to assign one day to multiple residents.

A note on window design

Please note that the intention of the community event is to be open and inclusive to all. Windows can be a celebration of anything you choose. Especially at this time, you may wish to share messages of gratitude, hope and peace. We encourage you to get the whole family involved and maybe this can be an excellent project when our social activities are not the same as before. You may wish to coordinate with neighbours and plan a street theme. The limits are endless and we encourage you all to get involved in whatever way you choose.