“Drive Like You Live Here” campaign

drive like you live here

Hey Central Frederick,

Just to keep you up to date with our next steps for Lancaster’s creative traffic calming.

It seems that Lancaster is not a high enough priority for the City to address our concerns, so, as a community of residents and commuters, we’ve been tasked with figuring out creative ways to communicate.

With all of our new little pedestrians headed to school and figuring out how to navigate the busy streets, we have made hand painted signs reminding motorists to drive like their children were the ones walking along Lancaster.

Currently they are between Brubacher and Frederick, and will be moved between Mansion and Frederick next week.

We’ve heard a lot of positive feedback from motorists, our crossing guard and residents. In order to share the backstory of what these signs are saying, to the highest number of motorists, we are starting an online campaign called Drive Like You Live Here.


We are looking for lots and lots of pictures of people standing beside these signs. Not just kids; cyclists, dog walkers, seniors, families anyone who is affected.

There we’ll add them to our social media with the hashtag#drivelikeyoulivehere or a shoutout to our Twitter account @centralfred.

If you’re not on Twitter, no problem, just send us your photos and we’ll put them up.

Thanks again for your support!


  3 way stop photo