New e-mail system!


We’ve got a new e-mail system to keep the neighbourhood connected! It’ll help us inform you about events, volunteer opportunities, issues and special bulletins that may interest you.

Sure it’ll have stuff we’ll also post on our Facebook page or Twitter account, but if we can send you an e-mail you’ll always receive it and see what is happening–something we can’t guarantee about for our social media.

More importantly, our e-mail service means we can reach lots of people when we have time sensitive information such as when an emergency happens. How to deal with the aftermath of the big wind storm in the summer or the recent ice storm are two examples.

What you can expect

You’ll hear from us in an e-newsletter about every 4 – 6 weeks. We’ll also send a notice and a couple reminders for special events. Naturally, time sensitive information will be sent as necessary.

So we’ll stay in touch but we won’t be filling up your inbox!

Join the list & ask your neighbours to join our e-mail list

If you’re not already on our list, join now!

Please ask your neighbours and friends in our neighbourhood to join our e-mail list.