Your chance to comment on Central Stations Study Area Plan

The City of Kitchener is working on plans about the development of land near the rapid transit stations in downtown Kitchener. Since Central Frederick is a downtown neighbourhood, these plans have an impact upon what happens near us and the walkability of our neighbourhood. Three scenarios have been presented for public feedback along with related information such as the evaluation criteria for picking the preferred plan but one scenario is to make no changes to zoning. Maps to both scenarios with links to PDF versions are below.

  • Scenario 1 – is a focussed boundary with no direct impact on Central Frederick
  • Scenario 2 – is an extended boundary which includes a triangle of Central Frederick (Frederick to Lancaster to Weber) 

Another map that is likely to interest residents is the one with the proposed pedestrian and cycling network. Of note is that nothing is planned for Lancaster Street despite it being a natural way for many residents to get/from to the station at Cedar and Charles and also the Kitchener Market.

The scenarios/alternatives and other information for the Central Stations Study Area can also be viewed in Story Map at the following link. Your comments on the project may also be submitted here; Link to Story Map

Official deadline for Comments: June 12 but you can continue to submit afterwards.

e-mail comments to:

Full details on the city’s website

Scenario 2 - Extended Boundary
Scenario 2 – Extended Boundary
Scenario 1 - Focussed Boundary
Scenario 1 – Focussed Boundary
Proposed pedestrian and cycling
Proposed pedestrian and cycling