CFNA Meeting — May 9

The executive are meeting on Monday May 9th, from 7:30pm to 9pm, in the Victoria School Room at the Downtown Community Centre (DCC). As always, all are welcome! The planned agenda is as follows:

  1. Update from City Liaison
  2. President’s Report
  3. Soccer Program Update
  4. Clean Up Day Report
  5. Neighbourhood Flyer Problem Update
  6. Community Message Boards Project Update
  7. Traffic Calming Update
  8. HAPP Update
  9. CFNA Garage Sale Day
  10. Kitchener Market Opportunity
  11. Newsletter
  12. Possible Memorial or other
  13. Summer Events?
  14. “Discussion of idea around activating and utilizing the talents and creativity that we have in the neighbourhood”
  15. General discussion of goals for the year

Hope to see you there.