Proposed New Constitution

What follows is a proposed revised version of the constitution and bylaws of the CFNA as passed by the Executive. The next step is for it to be considered by the CFNA AGM on June 9, 2015.

Here is a link to the current version.

[Proposed] CONSTITUTION / BYLAWS of the



The name of this non-profit organization shall be Central Frederick Neighbourhood Association (hereinafter referred to as the CFNA).


  • Victoria St. from Lancaster St. to the Expressway
  • Expressway from Victoria St. to Krug St.,
  • Krug St/Cedar St. from the Expressway to Weber St.
  • Weber Street from Cedar St. to Frederick Street,
  • Frederick St. from Weber St. to Lancaster St.
  • Lancaster St. from Frederick to Victoria Street


To foster a sense of community that enhances the quality of life for the residents of CFNA


  1. To provide information and opportunities on community, social and political levels
  2. To develop closer relations among residents within the Central Frederick community such as by creating activities that are accessible and affordable
  3. To encourage and facilitate vigorous citizen participation and provide an open forum for members to voice opinions on neighbourhood issues
  4. To be a voice for our common neighbourhood interests by acting as a liaison with government bodies and with institutions, schools, and businesses in and around our neighbourhood and together with neighbouring associations on common concerns


  1. Membership is open to any individual who resides within the CFNA boundary.
  2. All members age 16 and over shall have a voice and a vote at general me


The Executive shall consist of a minimum of five individual members holding one or two of the following positions:

  • Chair*
  • Treasurer*
  • Secretary*
  • Communications Director
  • DNA Liaison
  • Member(s) At Large

* A person may only hold one of these positions at a time.

The CHAIR shall:

  1. Set the agenda and chair all executive and general meetings
  2. Call executive and general meetings
  3. Delegate responsibilities
  4. Provide representation on behalf of CFNA
  5. Receive and distribute all correspondence
  6. Have working knowledge of the purpose and bylaws of the CFNA

The TREASURER shall:

  1. Receive and properly account for all funds
  2. Keep accurate records of all expenditures
  3. Provide a complete financial report at the annual general meeting
  4. Bring to the meeting all relevant records available

The SECRETARY shall:

  1. Record accurate minutes of all meetings
  2. Ensure that all such minutes are received for copying and circulation prior to the meetings
  3. Bring to the meetings all material needed, such as CFNA’s bylaws and previous minutes
  4. Prepare any written correspondence on behalf of the CFNA

The DNA LIAISON shall:

  1. Carry out the duties of the President in his/her absence
  2. Represent CFNA at, and attend meetings of, the DNA (currently referred to as the Downtown Neighbourhood Alliance)


  1. Share information about CFNA programs, events, issues, etc. using a variety of tools
  2. Ensure communications tools such as a website are updated
  3. Coordinate the development and distribution of a quarterly print newsletter
  4. Work with other volunteers to carry out these duties.


The duties and responsibilities of the position(s) is to be determined by the need of the Association and the willingness of the incumbent. The number of positions is to be determined at the Annual General Meeting.

Examples could include: Newsletter Editor, Community Garden Coordinator, Ice Rink Coordinator, etc.


In addition, the following shall be considered ex-officio members of the Executive. They are not eligible to vote but are to be notified of and attend all meetings though attendance is subject to the Executive’s discretion and they may be asked to be absent from any meeting or part of a meeting.

  1. City Councillor(s) representing the CFNA boundaries
  2. A City Staff member to act as a Liaison
  3. The Community Garden Coordinator (if this person is not already a member of the Executive)
  4. The Weber Park Rink Coordinator (if this person is not already a member of the Executive)
  5. The Chair of School Councils serving the CFNA (or their designate)


  1. Only executive members are permitted to vote at executive meetings
  2. Executive members are expected to attend, in person or via a digital connection, 75% of Executive meetings and not miss more than two consecutive meetings. If this attendance expectation is not met, an executive member can be removed by a majority vote of the executive.
  3. Keep general membership informed of their activities through newsletters, meetings and other means
  4. Executive members shall consult the membership in order to ensure the board reflects the opinion of the me
  5. No member or executive member shall represent the CFNA on any issue without the prior consent of the executive.
  6. Be receptive to the general membership which they represent
  7. Board members who can possibly benefit financially, directly from CFNA decisions must first declare a conflict of interest in the matter and refrain from discussing and voting on it.


  1. The CFNA shall periodically meet as needed but not less than once a year [an Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the purpose of elections]
  2. The Executive shall meet at minimum bimonthly. All members of the executive and ex officio shall be notified of the date, time and place at least five days in advance.
  3. An AGM shall occur within 15 months of the last AGM.
  4. At least 14 days’ notice shall be given for the AGM and general meetings in a newsletter or notice distributed to members and by posting the same at the Downtown Community Centre and all other regularly used communications tools.
  5. All Executive meetings shall be open to the general me
  6. Motions at all meetings are passed by a majority.


  1. A quorum for the executive meetings of CFNA shall be a majority of executive members
  2. A quorum for the AGM and General meetings shall consist of a minimum of seven members


  1. Board members are elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for a one year term (or until the next AGM).
  2. To be eligible for election, a person must be a member.
  3. No individual shall be elected without his/her consent
  4. No person shall hold more than two executive positions concurrently
  5. A member of the board can be elected in absentia, but needs to provide written documentation to confirm his/her acceptance.
  6. For any vacancies that occur, the executive will be filled by appointment by the remaining executive members and these appointments will last until the next Annual General Meeting elections.


  1. From time to time the executive may establish a committee to deal with specific items of business
  2. These committees will report to the executive


  1. Signing Officers
    1. The Executive shall make arrangements for the financial affairs of the CFNA to be housed with a financial institution.
    2. Bank signing is defined as any two of three signatures with the Chair and Treasurer and one other officer as approved by the Board.
  2. Year End

The fiscal year end shall be June 30.

  1. Financial Reports
  2. Shall be presented at each board meeting.
  3. An annual financial report shall be presented at each AGM


  1. Amendment proposals to these bylaws shall be presented to the executive of the CFNA.
  2. Amendment proposal will then be published in the next newsletter
  3. Voting on the proposal will take place at the next general meeting
  4. Ratification of proposed amendment shall require a majority of members present


In the event that the CFNA becomes inactive or dissolves, all monies in the general fund shall be left in trust with the City of Kitchener in the event future neighbourhood initiatives begin.

Amended:  TBD